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After 17 years of maintaining the Microfin website and providing free technical assistance on this free software to thousands of people around the world, as of January 2014 I have to announce that I will no longer do either.

The wesite will remain online for some time, unmodified. The software and training materials are here for you to download. I will not be doing updates to the wesite or the software, and I won't be responding to technical support emails. There is the Microfin Listserve available for you to post questions, but you will also find 90% of the answers to your questions written right inside the software itself or in the detailed user's manual.

Thanks to all of you for you support and appreciation though these many years.

Chuck Waterfield


You can download Microfin for free!

    Microfin 4:  Click here to download (NOTE: latest version is 4.12).

    If you still use Microfin 3.5, click here to download Microfin 3.60

Microfin 4 Help File (English)

If you don't yet have the Microfin 4 help file (in english) you can dowload it.  You will also need to download the latest version of Microfin (4.06) in order to fully run the help file.  Both Microfin and the help file can be downloaded from here.  (If you need to transfer data from a previous version of Microfin 4.0, you can do so using the EXPORT sheet.)

Compartamos IPO Data

I've been closely engaged with the Compartamos IPO that took place three years ago.  Some information is collected on this page that can provide you with more details.

Microfin User's Manual

The revised manual, "Using Microfin 4" is available in English.  Click here to download the PDF file.  (Warning: it is 8M, so may be difficult to download if you have a poor internet connection.)

Interested in Microfin 4?

Click here to see a brief overview of how to transition from Microfin 3.5 to Microfin 4.

If that link above doesn't work, click here to download a 6M EXE file with a movie about Microfin 4.

Self-Study Tutorials

We have 58 specialized video tutorials that explain nearly every part of Microfin!  Thanks to financial support from The Ford Foundation, these tutorials are available for free from our website.  The tutorials are available in both English and Spanish.

Click here to download our Microfin self-study tutorials

An internet audio interview about Microfin

Chuck Waterfield was interviewed about microfinance and Microfin software recently for Science and Society.  You can listen to the 20-minute audio interview by visiting the following website:


What is Microfin?

Click here to download an MSWord document that briefly describes Microfin.

Click here to view a video on 'Getting Started with Microfin'

Other languages

Microfin 4 has been translated into both Russian and Chinese.  Click here to get the language translations.

Links to most popular information

Microfin 3.5

Click here to download the latest version of Microfin 3.5. (Note: the latest version is 3.58.  Click here for a list of changes by version.)

Microfin 4.0

Click here to download the latest version of Microfin 4.0.

What is Microfin?

Click here if you've heard about Microfin and wish to know more about what it does and how to use it.

 Other downloads

Click here if you want to download other microfin-related files.  (Be sure to check this page out, as there are some valuable files available!)

Training Courses

Click here to find out about upcoming Training Courses.

Getting Help

Click here if you use Microfin and need help.

Microfin Listserve

Click here to sign up for our discussion group, where you can keep uptodate 

Excel 97 Recalculation Error

Click here if Microfin indicates that your version of Excel 97 is not patched for the recalculation error present in early versions of Excel 97.

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This website is managed by Chuck Waterfield.  If you have any questions or comments about the website, please email waterfield@microfin.com