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Microfin 4

Created in 2007, Microfin 4 is the most extensive restructuring of the software in its ten-year history.  It has more than 100 major improvements, which you can find detailed on the bottom of the INTRO sheet once you open Microfin.  The user's manual has been fully revised and you can use it to learn the many aspects of Microfin.  You may also use the 55 self-study tutorials to interactively learn Microfin 4.   

If you are experienced with Microfin 3, you should click here to see a brief overview of how to transition from Microfin 3.5 to Microfin 4.

If that link above doesn't work, click here to download a 6M EXE file with a movie about Microfin 4.

NOTE: Due to very substantial changes with Microfin 4, you will not be able to automatically import data from your Microfin 3.5 model.  As always, we are committed to providing export/import support to move within a major version, but cannot promise that we will be able to migrate data to new major versions, eg, from Microfin 4 to Microfin 5.

Click here to download the software (version 4.12)

Click here to download the manual, Using Microfin 4

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